Friday, October 19, 2012

Development of a cobalt catalyst

The hydrogen Kobld
New technologies, such as the cobalt catalyst could increase the demand for cobalt.

Using a new technology, low hydrogen can be extracted from water. Cobalt catalysts are the magic formula. So could be a next step towards better fuel usage be made.

Scientists at Cambridge University could extract hydrogen from water using solar energy by having employed as inexpensive cobalt catalyst. This message deserves attention because so hydrogen can be used as fuel in conjunction with fuel cells. The new catalyst is inexpensive, takes only fresh water, works at normal room temperature and tolerate the oxygen present in the atmosphere.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Germany is the in front of super battery for the electric car

November 20Elektroauto, lithium ion, News (20/11/2011)
The electric car is suffering from the reputation that the range
should not be very high. With most electric vehicles you can drive
about 140 kilometers, the range will vary depending on the model, from
then on various factors like the size of the battery, the outside
temperature and your own driving behavior.

Scientist Hannemann with KOLIBRI technology, these batteries can be
einegsetzt in electric cars. Source: DBM Energy GmbH
Many people who want to buy an electric car expect a range beyond 200
Batteries that can drive an electric car over 200 miles. The startup
company DBM finds himself with his new super battery is already at the
DBM has been experimenting in his laboratory, many battery cells which
is where most of the battery cells, it is I to cells with lithium ion
technology, in this cell type is it is a huge kit with a variety of
possible material combinations.
Thus, elements such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and many
metals and materials are used, the goal is always the same: It will be
the storage capacity of electrochemical energy increased in
rechargeable battery cells, the greater distances to reach for
electric cars.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

cobalt steel suppliers

Mining in the 21st Century
Where are our future in metals?
The author studied earth sciences and is a freelance science journalist based in Heidelberg.
Karl Urban
Although funded ores contain less and less valuable metals, the worldwide hunger for them has grown steadily. The mining industry is in a dead end?
It's been rough on the global commodities markets. Exploded in recent years, prices of almost all important industrial metals. For use not only Western countries but also China, India or Brazil are copper, zinc and rare earth elements, without which no industrial country: Copper is essential in electrical engineering, zinc as an alloying agent for stainless steel, rare earth elements for flat panel displays or the generators of wind turbines. Prices are rising but also because important export countries use their own raw materials themselves: last year, announced the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, a geologist, studying, only to export rare earth nor under high tariffs.

Find cobalt steel suppliers on the net.

Friday, December 3, 2010

european commodities are depleting

Article Pictures (1) Brussels. Anyone who produces, requires commodities. This applies to the industry in the EU as elsewhere. But compared to many other regions of the world, the EU countries only few resources to promote themselves

Explore the buildings of closed buildings and dig through landfills, the Europeans grabbed the gold fever. The investigation is actually for precious metals and rare commodities. Reason: Since China has announced to reduce the export quotas for commodities continues, could lead to a dangerous bottleneck. For high-tech products like cell phones and solar panels can not be without the minerals produced. The EU Commission is therefore on high alert. A common approach is to solve the supply problem. But internal disputes, have been prevented.

Whether cobalt for the production of batteries or germanium for the production of fiberglass cables: Already this spring, EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht warned of a shortage of raw materials. From a total of 41 substances examined, the Belgian attested at 14, a critical supply situation. This addition to the so-called rare earths for LEDs include gallium, indium for screen production and platinum for fuel cells.

Dredging on a large scale

The extraction of raw materials is now largely automated. Mining companies want to really get away from the hand that makes the work of the miners safer - but ehöht the risk of pollution.

"Good luck comes, the Steiger" Herbert Grönemeyer sings at gigs like the Ruhr, and the whole concert hall with singing. The pot is mine and miners' songs, like the song Steiger still present, although the former is of dozens of coal mines, only a handful in operation. The mining industry will disappear from the precinct. What remains Mining romance and cultural monuments like the Zollverein.

Elsewhere, the material degradation of romantic swan songs away. In 2008, companies promoted worldwide nearly 16 billion tons of raw materials, building materials such as sand and gravel excluded. Most of whom make fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, the second largest item are iron ore and steek alloying agents such as nickel and cobalt. About half of it is mined in Asia. The amount of the extracted commodities has been increasing for decades in order to meet the growing needs of industrial and emerging countries. This is only possible by ever larger and more powerful machines.

African Metals Corporation completed Luisha exploration project

African Metals Corporation completed Luisha South Project's first 8-core drilling and samples sent; holes go weiter03.12.10 | 10:54 clock

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 2. December 2010. African Metals Corporation (OTCBB: 912 759, TSX Venture Exchange: AFR) reports on the state of the drilling activities on its projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

DGAP-News: African Metals Corporation / Keyword (s): Progress report African Metals Corporation completed Luisha South Project's first 8-core drilling and samples sent; holes go

03.12.2010 / 10:54

Proto Resources & Investments LtdShs

DGAP-News: Proto Resources & Investments Ltd:. Progress on Barnes Hill, new exploration area in the region Doolgunna
Proto Resources & Investments Ltd. / Keyword (s): Interim Report / Preliminary Results

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. 22. November 2010. Proto Resources & Investments Ltd. (TSX: A0LBT8, ASX: PRW) (short 'Proto Resources' THE COMPANY' or) has for the main project Banes Hill set the locations for dieVerarbeitungsanlagen and includes a back row from angeotechnischen tests. The nickel-cobalt project is located near Barnes Hill Beaconsfield in the Australian state of Tasmania. DerTransport of the first large samples to the laboratory at Evans Head will also begin indieser week to comply with the planning for the leaching process and diePilotanlage.